About This Site

This site, started in 2005, shares some of my experiences of mobile software development. It includes problems, hints, tips, reviews and hopefully information you won’t find anywhere else. With so many blogs around just regurgitating the same news and links, I only post original content or my own comments and opinions on news. The news and inspiration for topics usually comes from my News Hound app.

The content on this site is biased towards those people considering or undertaking mobile software development. I cover and comment on market reports, tools and technologies. The issues I tend cover are equally applicable to management as they are to people actually implementing solutions.

My posts tend to be short and concise. I have very limited spare time as do most of my readers.

Mobile isn’t easy. There are many more marketing and technical issues than for most other types of development. Sometimes, the number of problems might seem daunting. However, remember that for most problems there is the possibility for you to be the first or only solution. Mobile software development is one of the few areas with significant scope for innovation!

My comments and thoughts might not be correct and might even change over time. Any opinions are my own and not those of any company I am working or have worked for.

If you have news, a comment or a correction then please contact me. I also have some tips how to get mentioned.