Admob Publisher Survey

A very admoblogo.gifrecent Admob publisher survey shows some interesting trends…


The report also shows that the majority of Admob’s surveyed publishers are developing for either Android and/or iPhone. BlackBerry, WebOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Java ME are currently much less popular. Also, more developers are now making money by using in-app advertising rather than selling their applications.

However, as the survey was from Admob, we might expect that their publishers might represent a greater proportion of those making money via advertising. Likewise, it could be said that Android and iPhone, where there are more applications, much lower prices and more competition between apps, might encourage the ad funded model. BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile apps tend to be sold for higher prices and might not need in app-advertising and hence be less represented on Admob. As with all these surveys, you also have to look at where they are coming from and compare with data from other sources.