MoMo London Demo Night

mobilemondaylondon.gifThere were 14 demos at last night’s MoMo London. Here are some of my thoughts from the evening…

  • I was surprised with the breadth of platforms being supported rather than everything being just iPhone-centric. Each company had their own reasons for choosing their particular platform (or platforms).
  • I observed that companies seem to be mainly developing for one platform then expanding out to others rather than attempting all at once. My thought is that this has the advantage of getting one platform right before doing others at the expense of time to market.
  • It was interesting to hear TouchNote, who have a printable postcard service, say that their USP is that their service runs across all major platforms. My thought is that all-platform apps are attractive to carriers as they cover all the bases.
  • RIM gave a demo of an eBay app , describing it as a ‘Super App’. This naturally includes notification and background apps that are BlackBerry’s strengths.
  • I was encouraged by the number of demos that were either new companies or very new apps. Some hadn’t even released yet. There’s a lot of money being spent developing mobile apps at the moment.
  • All the demos were predominantly applications as opposed to mobile web (Although some did have mobile web interfaces as well).
  • It’s the first time I had heard of Orange Vallee. This is a small group within Orange that has the power/freedom to cut through all the inevitable bureaucracy in a large company such as Orange and efficiently create mobile solutions.
  • One great quote from the evening is ‘Fragmentation is the cost of doing business’. Also, fragmentation is an ongoing thing. You need to be willing to support new phones/platforms every few months.