Carnival and iPhone App ROI

This week’s Carnival of the Mobilists is up at A post that caught my eye is ‘Evidence against the iPhone Mobsession’ at Mobsessed.

The question is how can you "justify spending a vast amount of your marketing budget on an app that might reach only 4% (in the UK) of your target audience"

As I see it there are two sides to this. The first is that many brands are jumping to develop iPhone (and now iPad) apps without really thinking if there’s a business case and return on investment. Even when there is a business case, in many cases, it makes more sense to adopt a multi-platform approach.

However, there are some cases where it makes sense to limit yourself to a single premium mobile platform. This is when you want to target users who can and do spend a lot of money. The iPhone can be seen as implicitly selecting this particular type of premium user.

So, are you offering a universal, inclusive service for all or are you trying to target a premium market segment? As I have previously mentioned, if you are offering a universal service then just offering an iPhone version will probably alienate the majority of your users.