500 Million Club

visionmobile.gifThere’s a great article and corresponding chart at VisionMobile on the 500 Million Club. That is, companies who have products embedded in over 500 million phones. This demonstrates that there’s a lot more to mobile than just ‘apps’ with opportunities that have less competition but higher barriers to entry (convincing handset OEMs).

However, I believe that as the OS becomes a commodity (and all the same), software such as middleware will become increasingly more attractive to handset OEMs to differentiate their devices. The VisionMobile list mainly consists of Java ME, browser, graphics, codec and input method vendors as well as the OSs themselves. I can see future middleware opportunities in…

  • NFC
  • Security and recognition
  • Standards based widget engines
  • Photographic manipulation
  • Bluetooth 3
  • Aggregated location
  • Sync