What Apps Do People Want?

There have been several app related reports and surveys over the last few days:

distmo.gif Distimo’s report covers the Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store, Palm App Catalog and Windows Marketplace for Mobile for April 2010, with additional focus on iPhone applications in the Apple App Store during the period November 2009 – April 2010.
comscore.gif Comscore has reported on the fastest-growing mobile application and browser content categories based on data from its MobiLens service.
nielsenwire.gif Nielsen has recently launched its ‘App Playbook’ surveying more than 4,200 people who had downloaded an application in the past 30 days.
lg.gif However, if you are thinking of developing a new app, you might learn more if you look at what people want as opposed to what they are downloading.

LG’s survey on (UK) app expectations found that… 

  • People want apps that help them do things when they tired at the end of the day (e.g. order a taxi and pizza) as opposed gaming or music.
  • People want apps that save them time as opposed to fitness, cooking or dating apps
  • People want apps that save them money (coupons or offers) as opposed to dietary shopping, ingredients and barcode scanning apps.
  • People most want apps that can find the nearest safe place in the event of an emergency as opposed to vacation, organisational, password keepers or goal setting apps.

My observation is that it’s interesting that people have expressed an interest in apps that get physical things done as opposed to just storing and referencing information. I wrote about something similar, as long ago as 2006, when commenting on Sprint’s study and again when posting about Jan Chipchase’s research on ‘What People Carry and Why’.

LG’s survey was from 1010 randomly chosen adults (18-30 age group) in 17 UK cities as this is their target audience for their forthcoming Android devices. More details on the LG Survey can be obtained from Jerome Demare, LG PR Manager for Mobile.