Appcelerator Developer Survey

Appcelerator has a great survey of ‘platform interest’ of 2,733 Appcelerator application developers taken during June 2010. The survey covers…
"the perceptions for each of the six major OS platforms: Apple (iOS), Google (Android), Palm/HP (webOS), Microsoft (Phone 7), Nokia (Symbian/Meego) and RIM (BlackBerry)."


While reading the survey, remember historically, that Appcelerator’s customers were primarily iPhone developers and more recently include Android developers.

As a freelance developer, I am getting more interest in BlackBerry than the survey might suggest. Also, Windows Mobile (5.x and 6.x) still isn’t dead, especially for the enterprise and specialist applications. Windows Mobile will coexist with Windows Phone 7 for at least two years.

Finally, expect a big push by Nokia’s MeeGo, Samsung’s Bada and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 in the coming year as I know these companies are already committing large resources to try to tempt end-users and developers away from iPhone and Android.