Android App Inventor Initial Impressions

appinventor.gifI have had a quick play with Android App Inventor. Here are some initial observations…

  • It’s implemented using a weird web app and Java app combination that sometimes don’t communicate well and produce errors.
  • An ’empty’ app with just a few screen controls produces nearly a 1Mb apk.
  • Android blocks are not that intuitive for me.
  • There’s no control of the menu or app icon.
  • The help says there are currently "technical limitations to being able to upload an App Inventor app to the Andorid Market but we are actively evaluating the best way to integrate with the Market." I suspect this is something to do with lack of signing and the lack of being able to change the icon.
  • Also, you can’t create multi-screen apps. You have to resort to switching text/images of components to make them look like a new screen has appeared or use one app to launch another.

Verdict: Not ready for prime time yet.