Gartner’s Q210 Numbers

gartner136.gifGartner have just released their latest statistics on Q210 Worldwide Mobile Device Sales. The figures for smartphone platform share are roughly the same as those reported by Canalys last week.

Gartner says…

"Nokia’s senior executives need to do more to attract developers and other ecosystem members by revising its platform strategy and improving its communications."

"Apple’s sales would have been higher if it had not had to face tight inventory management in preparation for the arrival of the iPhone 4 at the end of the second quarter of 2010. Apple also suffered from some supply constraint on the new device."

"We believe the Torch’s form factor will still appeal more to business users than to consumers and will stop many loyal BlackBerry users defecting to other platforms, but it won’t attract many new users to the brand."

For Android…

"A non-exclusive strategy that produces products selling across many communication service providers (CSPs), and  the backing of so many device manufacturers, which are bringing more attractive devices to market at several different price points, were among the factors that yielded its growth this quarter"