Android Infiltrating Retail

mobiletoday.gifI receive the paper version of the UK Mobile magazine that’s mainly targeted at retailers and distributors. Last weeks’ edition contained many references to Android and this is indicative of how Android is infiltrating retail stores.

There was an interesting analysis of Huawei that mentions "Google’s preference is to have a Google UI rather than a skin on top because it is much easier to upgrade" and "Google are trying to influence all manufacturers to have unskinned Android devices".

There’s obviously a tug-of-war going on here because handset OEMs have added custom UIs in order to differentiate their devices. However, this customisation has resulted in phones that are more difficult to upgrade. This might explain why consumers have been waiting a long time for some Android OS upgrades. Maybe handset OEMs should be innovating sideways rather than on top of the platform. That is, create apps that integrate with OEM and operator services rather than modifying things that inhibit upgrades.

Elsewhere in the magaine, there’s an article on how Android is predicted to reach second place in 2010 and the Dawn of the Tablets. Finally, one graph that hasn’t found its way online is from Gartner showing Android "the big OS (World) winner in the first half of 2010". It puts Android’s growth into perspective…