Android Beyond Phones and Apps

eetimes.gifDespite Android Surging to No. 1 in recent (US) sales, I think the most interesting development projects (and those with most opportunities) in the future will be those that either interface with hardware, run on rugged devices or appear as consumer devices other than mobile phones.

There’s a great article at EETimes on how Google is already reaching out beyond the cellphone.

"Android set-tops, TVs, VoIP phones, Karaoke boxes and digital photo frames are coming soon to a retailer near you."

An Open Embedded Software Foundation (OESF) has been established to create a viable Android-based platform for a variety of embedded products. The group, consisting of 25 companies, including ARM, KDDI, Japan Cable Laboratories, Alpine Electronics and Fujitsu Software Technologies, will launch several working groups, including: set-top boxes; VoIP; network and security; measurement and control; system core; application and services; and marketing and education.

We may find the current fad for consumer mobile apps becomes a small part of some future Smartphone OS software ecosystem.