Retailer Mobile Stores

advertisingage.gifAdvertising Age has a thought provoking article on how Retailers Worldwide Struggle to Keep Up With M-Commerce Demands.

I think the real problem is that it’s not that easy to take your existing web-based store and create a mobile version. As the article says, the UK’s large retailer such as Marks & Spencer and John Lewis are creating mobile versions. However, they have large budgets. What about the large number of smaller retailers?

Up until now, most things sold via mobile are other things consumed on the mobile… games, applications, new levels etc. I see there’s a large opportunity to create a white label web-based mobile shopping store and maybe even multi-platform white label shopping store apps that sell real items and could be licensed to many smaller companies.

This opportunity is open to the giants (Apple, Google, Microsoft), existing web-based store vendors, payment providers, network operators or maybe even a new 3rd party developer. There are lots of issues not least interfacing with existing systems and payment but the first to crack these should have a very interesting and lucrative business.