Dearth of Mobile Software Developers

bloomberybusinessweek_2.gifThere’s an interesting article at Bloombery Businessweek on how Tech Companies are seeing a Dearth of Mobile-Software Developers

"More than half the respondents described the supply of quality mobile-software designers and engineers as ‘scarce.’"

From my side, as a developer, I think there are currently enough developers. If you factor in offshoring there are probably too many developers. At the extreme end there are few people who come to me with such exacting skills requirements (for example some deep technical niche on a particular platform) that they will never find anyone.

More generally, one of the comments within the article explains…

"Of course recruiters are not paid to retrain workers so they are only looking for the candidate that already has the required skills."


"Almost 57 percent of employers and outside recruiters that hired for mobile-related jobs this year plan to boost such hires in the next 12 months"

… companies are going to have to become a lot more flexible and consider retaining their existing staff.