Gartner Q3 2010

gartner136.gifGartner have just released their worldwide mobile phone sales stats for Q3 2010. Mobile developers will be interested in the table listed by operating system…


I have been following Gartner stats for years (see links below) but this set of figures represents the largest and fastest change that I have ever seen. Here are some observations…

  • The total number of smartphones sold has nearly doubled in just one year!
  • Android has gone from nowhere (3.5%) to 25.5 market share.
  • Android is selling significantly more than iOS.
  • Symbian, the past’s long term leader, has seen significant decline in market share.

What’s even more interesting is that smartphones now represent 19.3% of the total phone market. We have now rearched the stage where developing for mobile can reach a very large number of people.