Nokia Qt Insights

qt.gifI have been continuing to try to get the latest Qt tools working and have learnt a few things that should have been made clearer by Nokia. I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to get the Mobility 1.1 APIs working under emulation. I have tried on Windows, Ubuntu and have even tried updating the Nokia Qt SDK with the latest libraries.

Here’s what I have learnt…

  • You should really only be downloading stuff from the Qt web pages at Forum Nokia. The Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 contains sets of Qt libraries and SDKs that have been tested to work together.
  • Conversely, if you download anything from  you will be downloading components that haven’t necessarily been tested to work with other components. For example, the latest released mobility APIs don’t compile (without a huge amount of fixing) on Windows or Ubuntu and won’t work with the Nokia supplied version of Qt Creator.
  • If you try mixing and matching components you most likely get into difficulties. I have experienced that you also won’t get any help from the Forum Nokia or Qt developer forums because you are ‘on your own’ and outside the realms of a fully tested environment.
  • As regards the Mobility 1.1 APIs/Qt 4.7.1, all I managed to get working with the current Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 was a Symbian target build but the resultant configuration wasn’t for the faint hearted.

The consequence of this is that…

  • The current released Mobility 1.1 APIs and Qt 4.7.1 aren’t usable at the moment for current development because they haven’t been integrated into the Forum Nokia supplied Nokia Qt SDK that currently uses 1.0.2 and 4.6.3 respectively.
  • Qt Quick and qml are based on Qt 4.7.1 so also aren’t usable at the moment for current development. In fact if you look in the current Nokia Qt 1.0 SDK the Demo Declarative samples aren’t runnable yet.

In summary, for current commercial development (and sanity), stay away from and stick with downloads from Qt web pages at Forum Nokia… and wait for released components on the former to become available on the latter.

As Marina, on the Qt forums says…

"I tried install Qt Framework 4.7.1, Qt Mobility 1.1.0 and Qt Creator several times. Making everything to work together is mission impossible. I can’t run examples, the worst thing is that to figure out what everything need to be installed you have to google whole day and when you think “ok, everything is ready now”, it is not. Every time some stupid error is shown in compile output. I just don’t understand why people from Nokia allow release of semi-product. If Nokia Qt SDK is not ready, i also don’t understand why doesn’t exist link with described installation steps, for example : 1) Install Perl (download link is here) . You have to do this and this, bla bla 2) Install Qt Framework 4.7.1 (link is here) 3) Install Qt Mobility (link for download is here) following these instructions"

Nokia releasing components on is great for PR but it’s no good if they aren’t easily usable. To avoid confusion and frustration, it might be better if Nokia kep’t them back until the respective Nokia Qt SDK is available.