Wireframes Insufficient

wireframes.gifI get some proposals for work that only include screen wireframes. While these are helpful, they often only tell half the story. If you are sending out wireframes, here’s a list of some additional things to think about…

  • What’s the flow between the wireframes?
  • Which elements of the screen are static (never change) and which are dynamic? If dynamic, where does the data come from?
  • Which elements (e.g. menus) are dependent on the app state and for these, how does the appearance change with the app state?
  • At what point exactly, does the app contact the server for data?
  • In what ways can the user control (when, how – WiFi, 3G) interaction with the server?
  • What happens exactly when the user interacts with each of the widgets/controls?
  • What error messages are given (and where) when something goes wrong (for both expected user error and unexpected app errors)?
  • What are the validation criteria for the input of data?