RIM Considering Android Dalvik JVM?

bgr.gifBGR has a rumour that RIM is considering using Android’s Dalvik JAVA virtual machine on its forthcoming QNX tablets and smartphones. This ties in well with a post I wrote in 2008 when I considered if Dalvik was the new Java.

Since I wrote that post Oracle has acquired Sun and hence Java ME/J2SE. My thought now is that phone and tablet makers are much more likely to consider Dalvik now that Oracle controls non-Dalvik Java.

Going back to the rumour, I think this might be too large a step for RIM because, unless they included both their own Java ME JVM and Dalvik, resultant devices wouldn’t be able to run older BlackBerry apps. This would alienate some existing users and developers. On the plus side, users of the new devices might have access to a larger number of apps and RIM might gain access to a larger developer community.