Nokia Qt on Windows Phone 7

nokia.gifThere’s obviously lots of speculation as to what Nokia will announce tomorrow. Instead of speculating myself I’d like to point out something that might have swayed Nokia’s decision tomorrow. WP7 already has the capability to support Nokia’s Qt.  Or, more correctly, Qt supports WP7.

As I mentioned about a year ago, WP7 is based in Windows CE. Qt already runs on Windows CE. It’s even possible to build the mobility libraries. However, think of it more as Qt on Windows CE rather than Qt on WP7 because the WP7 UI wouldn’t have much to do with Qt apps running on Microsoft’s OS.

However, if Nokia choose this route I’ll have a lot more to say

UPDATE: From MWC. "Question is, will Nokia put Qt on Windows Phone? Our initial response is no, that’s not the plan. The reason is that if we encourage a fork in Windows Phone’s development platform, we could create a situation where we confuse developers and consumers."