Nokia Plan B

nokia.gifAfter assimilating Nokia’s announcements and reading others’ thoughts I still think Nokia have made a very bad decision. Despite many people saying it’s a coup for Microsoft, I am not convinced. I believe there’s a large longer-term risk that existing WP7 OEMs will abandon WP7 leading to WP7 becoming a Nokia-only OS. Nokia and Microsoft would then be in the same situation as happened with Symbian and Nokia leading to a tug of war over OS capabilities and the UI.

In the back of my mind I have been wondering how Nokia can make such an evidently poor decision and get away with it. Surely one or more of employees, shareholders, suppliers or customers would revolt in some way?

Well, it seems to have started. There’s a new group of young shareholders who want to challenge Nokia’s new strategy.

UPDATE: Plan B give up due to lack of support from institutional investors.

UPDATE: Plan B was apparently a hoax. Don’t know what to believe now as it could be the nine young shareholders were employees and now they want to cover their backs.