Nokia to Regain US Market

strategyanalystics.gifStrategy Analytics have, what seems to be, a positive analysis of the Nokia/Microsoft alliance. They say…

"Analysis of the US smartphone market shows that with Microsoft’s assistance, Nokia can be expected to recover its recent market share losses." and "Nokia’s smartphone market share in the US can rebound to 10 percent by 2015"

I think 2015 is too far away for such predictions. Who knows what will happen with iOS, Android, Bada or even MeeGo in this time? Also, a 10 percent market share isn’t large. I would have thought Nokia and Microsoft would have hoped for more. Some analysts in the US are looking at the Nokia/Microsoft alliance as though the order of 100 million Nokia Symbian users will become Windows Phone users. I remain skeptical. Although it can be said that many users don’t know what OS is underneath, they do currently know they haven’t got a Microsoft phone and like the Nokia ‘look and feel’.
Here are some other interesting opinions on the Nokia/Microsoft alliance and WP7…
  • Brain Hall thinks that "the true state of Nokia was absolutely hidden from *some* board members, all staff, the SEC, and at least the vast majority of investors".
  • ZDNet asks if Microsoft dropped the ball with Windows Phone 7 ? 
  • GoMo suggests sales figures show Nokia totally panicked.
  • Colin Gillis, an analyst at BGC says “Microsoft is getting the platform boost that comes from acquiring a Nokia for about a billion dollars.”
  • Magnus Rehle says "Nokia may have difficulty juggling its three operating systems: Windows, Symbian and MeeGo." and "Three platforms is a lot to work with. I’m not sure there is room for so many platforms", "…as with any tie-up, there could be clashes between the two firms".
  • Tony Cripps, principal analyst at Ovum, said Elop had made the right decision for Nokia’s future. "There were few short-term options available to the company to help it get back on terms with Apple and especially the Android masses, which in 2011 look set to overtake Nokia in terms of smartphone shipments, bringing with it the full wrath of the investor community"
  • says Nokia fails to convince on Microsoft pact