Android UI Guidelines

mutualmobile.gifYesterday, I hinted that some Android fragmentation problems are due to app designers being inexperienced. It’s a coincidence that I came across Mutual Mobile’s useful Android Design Guidelines (pdf) today that covers some of the issues when supporting multiple devices and screen sizes and porting from iOS. It summarises very well what I was trying to say…

"When designing for Android, not taking the complexity of density and screen size into consideration will make the project more difficult. I repeat; bring development into the process early on to test the art, layout and elements before completion"

Following on from yesterday, I also received some feedback from a few developers who had experienced some types of Android API fragmentation I have personally not seen. In most cases, analysis shows that the fragmentation has been caused by hardware OEMs re-implementing interfaces for themselves rather than using the stock Android implementation. This leads me to conclude that it’s probably not necessarily Google/Android causing the problems but the people creating the devices.