What to Include in an App

bbcnewsbusiness.gifWhen designing a mobile app, it can be difficult to know what functionality to include and what to exclude. The MMA has some tips (taken from recent BBC article)…
  • Look at how mobile enhances communications already in place
  • Don’t just replicate what you have online
  • Consider how to deliver on the expectation of instant interaction
  • Decide what is most useful to the customer and base the app on that

Most companies will see this as having to be a subset of what’s already communicated/online. However, I have often seen implementations where the user is wanting more (that they know they can otherwise get online). 

I think the best solutions concentrate on the one or two key things the user wants to do that make best use of the phone (immediate things) and make these the main (screen) app function. After this, allow the user to access other things off other subsidiary screens. It’s more about relative ease of use of different functionality rather than defining accessible subsets.