Reducing Project Indecision

indecision.gifThis post is less about mobile and more about observations on decision making. At the start of most projects, many people make bold decisions based on superficial information. These decisions are often needed before the finer details of the project have been refined. However, the finer details are invariably heavily influenced by the initial far-reaching bold decisions!

The initial bold decisions cause doubt in peoples’ minds and it can cause a lot of initial indecision and project delay. I have often seen this on projects where requirements and specifications don’t get signed off just ‘in case they are wrong’ and no one person wants to be responsible.

So what can be done? Here are some pragmatic coping strategies…

  • Communicate early (to the team and interested parties) what particular areas haven’t yet been decided and when/how you expect them to be resolved.
  • Do small proof of concept projects to explore risky or unknown areas.
  • Employ experts early so as to reduce the number of areas of bold decision and to gain from others’ past learnings.
  • Consider iterative development techniques that allow the ‘specification’ to evolve.