MoMo London – Demo Night


Last night I was as MoMo London demo night sponsored by Intel AppUp. There were demos by Ribot, Terence Eden with QRpedia, TouchType with Swiftkey, Poynt, Game Creators with the AppGameKit, TweetaLondonCab, Rococo, Kineto Wireless, Nuance multi-modal input flexT9, Insiteo, Samsung Bada, NaturalMotion, Parcelgenie, Spark Mindings and Rococo with LocalSocial.

Intel AppUp is an app store that provides apps for netbooks and MeeGo tablets based on the Intel Atom processor. Of particular interest to developers might be Intel’s commercial links to OEMs (e.g. Dell, Samsung) and retailers (e.g. Dixons, Currys, PC World in UK) that potentially provide opportunities to preload/bundle applications.

If there was one theme of some of the demos, it was probably the emphasis on local

  • QRPedia finds brings up localised information within museums 
  • Poynt provide local search
  • Tweetalondoncab are looking at providing local traffic information and local customers for taxi drivers 
  • Rococo provide a local social proximity platform 
  • Kineto provide local (WiFi) access to the mobile network were it is usually out of coverage 
  • Insiteo provide local positioning using WiFi 

One thing that the event didn’t have time to cover, due to the nature of the quick demos, was the notorious difficulty of getting enough content (or advertisements, offers) to cover every ‘local’ location. If people use an app only to find there’s no content for the area they are in, they probably won’t use the app again.

I have recently come across a few situations where developers have focussed on one small geographic area (e.g. a street) or one group of people (e.g. at a conference) where it’s possible to pre-plan to include every entity (e.g. every shop in a street or every person at an conference) so that local not only works every time but is extremely compelling for all involved parties. In fact, the Tweetalondoncab is an example of this. There are many more opportunities for apps/services based on communities and captive audiences where restricted local is much more viable than global local.