Nokia, Symbian and Accenture

nokia.gifIt has been announced that Nokia is to cut 7000 jobs and Accenture will be taking on 3000 of them. Symbian activities will be outsourced to Accenture. Accenture will also provide software services for Nokia’s future smartphones such as Windows Phone.

This is probably good news for the 3000 moving to Accenture. Accenture is the best placed to convert people from Symbian to work as consultants on any mobile platform. It’s also good for Accenture as they get some talented people but I suspect the logistics of taking on this number of people, half of which are in Finland, can’t be that simple.

It’s a loss for Nokia. They lose a huge talent pool who will eventually end up working on competitor’s platforms such as Android and iOS. It also looks like it’s a loss for large consultancies such as Digia who were used for much of Nokia’s outsourced work. For those few people who thought Nokia was keeping Symbian going as ‘insurance’ in case the Windows Phone fails, can probably now see that Nokia is serious about dropping Symbian.

UPDATE 13 May 2011: Digia to cut 190 jobs.