Inexpensive, Keen, Mobile Developers

whatsonstage.gifIf you are looking for inexpensive, keen, developers you might like to use the technique being used by WhatsOnStage. They have reached out to their users to try to find someone passionate about Theatre/WhatsOnStage to help them take their web site mobile. If you are interested, you can benefit from…

"Given our limited resources, if you have major price-tag proposals, I wouldn’t advise spending too much time on them. That said, we don’t want to take advantage and we can – and will – reward success, particularly with the likes of sponsorship introductions and membership initiatives." 

"On top of all that, amongst the immediate non-financial benefits we can offer those who get involved are: tea at the Palace (theatre, not Buckingham), theatre tickets, complementary Club membership (for life!), an invitation to our 15th birthday celebrations, and unlimited bucket loads of passion and enthusiasm."

It’s a refreshing approach that’s different to the profit share schemes I often receive. Incidentally, if you are a developer who has been approached with a mobile app/web profit sharing model I’d decline if I were you. It’s obviously different if it’s partly your idea and you know the other party’s capabililities. However, if someone you don’t know comes along with such schemes then stay away to avoid disappointment. If they have an idea and no funding, they are invariably unable to successfully market or promote the finished product.

Back to the idea of involving your community, think about how you might use your existing audience (if you have one) to get someone to write your app/site. They will be much more keen and you might even get the job done free of charge.