Mobile Cloud Computing

chetansharma.gifChetan Sharma has a new free report on Mobile Cloud Computing. The report covers issues such as devices, pricing, interoperability, discovery and the implications for network operators.

However, the report mainly covers business issues. For mobile developers and people considering implementing Mobile Cloud Services, there are some more practical problems. I have previously written about Scalability, Server Side IO/Bandwidth and backup.

Another problem I have come across recently is the initial surge in the required server side capability when a new product/service is launched. The initial interest from end-users can swamp the server side. This isn’t just a problem when hosting your own services. You might think Google or Amazon services might help with this problem but, in practice, some services reach their initial cloud limits and end-users end up going without service. One pragmatic solution, often used by Google themselves, is to scale up your users rather than have a large ‘switch on’ event.