Cheaper Android Honeycomb Tablets

huawei.gifI, like many mobile developers and some of my clients, have been holding off serious Android tablet development. Previously there was the wait for Honeycomb and now there’s the wait for affordable Honycomb tablets. Android tablets haven’t taken off due to very high pricing that means people are more likely to buy an iPad than a Honycomb tablet.

Today, BGR has some news on the Huawei 7-inch MediaPad Android Honeycomb tablet. There are so many vapourware tablets and tablets by no-name companies that it’s easy to dismiss the MediaPad as well. However, Huawei has already had some very competitive and capable Android phones sold by T-Mobile here in the UK (I use them for testing on old versions of Android). Huawei has not only the capability but also the ties to network operators. Cheaper Honeycomb tablets might just ignite the Android Tablet ecosystem.