Nokia N9 Apps and Development

nokia.gifNokia have finally announced their first (and probably last) MeeGo phone. This is the culmination of years of effort, many blind alleys and u-turns. I am not sure why Nokia released it given their new Windows Phone strategy. I suppose there was so much already done and in the pipeline that it made sense to at least show some capability in between ditching Symbian and introducing Windows Phone. Most Nokia phones are sold via network operators and according to some I have spoken to, they have already ‘turned off’ thinking about Symbian and MeeGo phones so I suspect very few will sell via this channel. Instead, it will become much like the N900 for people who want to experiment with the software in their phones.

From a user and developer viewpoint there are lots of misconceptions as to what apps will run on the N9. People are speculating that existing Qt apps for Symbian will run on the phone which isn’t strictly correct, not least because the N9 won’t be accepting .sis files. There will also be other small inconsistencies related to how the Qt needs to do things slightly differently on MeeGo (different preprocessor symbol for the technically oriented) and some UI assets might need slight changes for optimal viewing. However, it will be possible for Qt developers to easily modify and rebuild their apps to run on the N9. Whether they bother to do so is another matter.