Top Mobile Developer Time Wasters

findclients.jpgAs a long term mobile developer I have seen my fair share of poor leads. After a while, you see a pattern for leads that very rarely result in work. Here are my top types of lead to avoid or, if you are someone looking for a developer, things to avoid doing…

  • Leads with poor spelling and written as though they are a SMS message.
  • Leads from generic email addresses (they aren’t serious enough to even get a domain name).
  • Leads that offer a share in the business.
  • Leads for work that has to work on every phone.
  • Leads for work that another developer hasn’t completed.
  • Leads from people who themselves haven’t won the work yet.

Pre-qualification of leads is a pre-requisite for any professional developer. This involves working out if the potential client has a budget, is credit worthy (after all you will be effectively lending them money), knows what they are doing, has realistic timescales and matches the kind of work that can be taken on.

When people search for a mobile developer they often make the mistake of thinking it’s a one way process of the client choosing the developer. In reality, some clients are more attractive than others and there are even some types of client that no developers want to take on. If you are a potential client then you should position yourself to be an attractive client otherwise you will either experience poor responses from developers, higher prices or in some cases no response at all.