Lots of Big Publishers

gigaom.gifThere’s a thought provoking article at Gigaom that takes a look at some analytics from Mobilewalla on the Android Market and Apple’s App Store. In particular, Android developers that have created more than 100 apps contributed 53 percent of the total apps on the Android Market. On the App Store, developers with more than 100 apps represented 23 percent of all apps. Here’s a chart showing the distribution of the number of apps produced by developers…

I’d say most of the developers with a large number of apps are not developers but publishers. They are either publishing the same app again and again with different content (books, watches etc) or are the output of app generators. Either way, the functional ability of these apps is very low.

All this should give some encouragement to people thinking of developing apps. Although there are hundreds of thousands of apps, a large proportion of them have very little value. The market for good, functional apps isn’t as crowded as it might seem.