Nokia MeeGo and Belle

nokia.gifAs Nokia’s late MeeGo and Symbian offerings get released, we start to get a closer look at what Stephen Elop saw, back in February, when he decided to drop them for Windows Phone. 

Surprisingly, the MeeGo based N9 was widely acclaimed and now, Symbian Belle is getting great reviews. According to ZDNet it brings Symbian closer to iOS and Android. In the same article, Francisco Jeronimo, research analyst at IDC says "If Nokia had launched this new Symbian Belle one year ago, the company would have remained the worldwide smartphone market leader".

Sadly, we hear more and more about where the N9 won’t be released and as for Symbian, most network operators have already stopped buying Symbian^3 devices as they see them as obsolete.  Meanwhile, Nokia’s share price was down over 50% on February and recently made a slight recovery to about 40% down. I hope people aren’t depending on MeeGo and Symbian Belle as these won’t be Nokia’s saviour.

It’s looking more and more like Nokia should have stayed with Symbian and MeeGo in the medium term. I have thought for a long time that Nokia’s fight had already been lost to Android and MeeGo. I continue to think there’s no point using Windows Phone in this fight. Nokia should be concentrating on next generation devices, for example with new input mechanisms and innovative display technologies, rather than betting everything on something (Windows Phone) that’s just trying to catch up with iOS and Android. Nokia has shown that MeeGo and Symbian Belle were good enough to compete in the medium term.