Google/Ipsos Smartphone Report


There’s a very interesting presentation by Google/Ipsos (PDF) on UK Smartphone Users. While it’s UK biased, I suspect many of the observations are as applicable to North America and the rest of Europe. Here are some of the findings…
  • 55% of people go online on their smartphone every day
  • Smartphone are most used at home
  • 53% of people use their smartphone to watch TV
  • 70% of online users use their phone to mainly do general search engine searches
  • 81% of users have looked for local information
  • 45% of people use the smartphone during their shopping process
  • 28% of users have purchased on their smartphone, entertainment items being the most bought items (41%)

Looking back to 2006, there was a study, again by Ipsos, that predicted that "mobile phones are poised to overtake The PC as the dominate Internet platform in some markets". The latest study seems to confirm this to be becoming true.