SSD 2 Months On

ssd.jpgAbout 2 months ago I wrote about using a SSD to replace my Windows development machine hard drive. It turns out this was one of most enlightening upgrades I have ever performed. It’s like getting your first large flat screen monitor. It’s so good that you will never go back and wonder how you managed without it.

The main gains are faster boot times, of the order of 7 secs, and development IDEs starting and loading projects in seconds. It has been 100% reliable.

As for wear, it turns out I’ll never wear out my drive. Some people on the xtremesystems forum are informally running continuous tests, on various makes of drive, to try to cause them to wear out. It turns out you have to write hundreds of terrabytes which means the drive will last tens of years. You are probably more likely to get some other kind of PC hardware failure in this time. Even when the drive does wear out it seems it just becomes read only and unable to write further. This means data isn’t lost and can be transferred to a new drive.

One day I suspect hard drives will become an old curiosity and we will marvel how we trusted our data to some spinning disks.