Android Only

mylogo.gifAfter many years of working cross platform I have decided to concentrate only on Android. It’s particularly sad to close the door on years of Windows Mobile, Java ME and Symbian development. However, in some ways this has been an unconscious decision for a while now in the type of work I have been taking on. I have been receiving leads for work on most platforms but I have been choosing to take on the Android work. More recently I have asked myself why and the answers have lead me to simplify and focus my offering.

Android is producing the more interesting projects. As I previously noted, it has become the innovators choice. There are also some great opportunities in development of apps for the rugged devices that have recently been announced.

Android is going mass-market and despite Apple information to the contrary, Android is dominating over iOS. This is further demonstrated by a KPCG slide by Mary Meeker (at Web 2.0) I saw yesterday based on Gartner and Morgan Stanley research…

This site will continue to cover multi-platform as I have a great interest in how the other mobile platforms evolve. I suppose there will be greater emphasis on Android but in some ways, looking at past posts, this has already happened.