Mobile Frameworks and Custom UIs

dotnet.gifIf you are looking for a good primer on how to choose a mobile framework for your app then you should take a look at "The developer’s guide to mobile frameworks" on the .dot magazine website. The author, Jonathan Stark, is correct. The actual choice very much depends on the needs of the project. 

One problem with web and webview hybrid apps is styling to get an iOS or Android look and feel. I am seeing many big brands’ apps forego this completely as a) It’s so complicated and takes an excessive amount of effort b) You’ll never get 100% look and feel c) It entails including lots of (large) javascript libraries that have their own bugs and d) The brand ‘look and feel’ across devices is more important than being consistent with other apps on the same device. This last point takes me back to 2007 when I talked about ‘Native or Custom UI?’ within the context of a wholly native app.