MoMo London: Now We are Six

mobilemondaylondon.gifLast night I was at the 6 year anniversary event of MoMo London. It was a panel event looking back over the last 6 years and looking forward to what might come in the next 6 years. Martyn Warwick from TelecomTV chaired the panel that consisted Mike Short (Telefonica), David Wood (Accenture), Russell Buckley (Eagle Eye Solutions) and Mark Curtis (Fjord).

There was a general concensus that the rapid pace of mobile will continue. This will include areas such as M2M, health and learning. However, there will be roadblocks along the way due to complexity.

There will continue to be churn of companies. Things will beome ever more international. Retail will contine to decline and large companies will continue to fail due to their inability to make good decisions related to distruptive technologies. Companies not taking up mobile will get left behind.

The issue of trust came up with the insight that it’s probably easier to gain than people might realise. However, it’s also easy to lose very quickly. Trust, whether good or bad, is also increasingly becoming disseminated via social networks.

There was much discussion on privacy. One’s personal privacy is increasing becoming ‘for sale’ or exchangable for free online services. There was comment that a recent informal survey of young people showed that they are more concerned about ID theft (and subsequent take down controls/processes) rather than privacy of personal information. There was also an insight that politicians, more often than not, don’t fully understand the Internet, social and mobile.

Location and LBS was discussed in so far as it was agreed that location is usually only useful when used with other context indicators. Otherwise, you end up giving the end-user prompts for things that aren’t relevant.

There was talk on how new device form factors have changed mobile and how the iPhone broke the old design rules – being too large. New technologies such as bending screens, folding keyboards and wearable devices will continue to break old taboos and provide for innovative devices.

Patent wars were mentioned but noone really had anything insightful to say. I think everyone despairs with the current situation but there seems to be no solution.

It was thought that the mobile web has been mainly opened up due to the iPhone. Today, mobile web ad revenues are looking a lot better.