Opportunity Creates Opportunity

genericmobile.gifOver the years I have helped many entrepreneurs and companies create new innovative apps. After a while, you get to see patterns for success and failure. One observation I have is that initially perceived weak opportunities can often create new, stronger opportunities. Here are four examples…

  • Partnering with someone who you think provides marginal benefits sometimes leads to stronger partnerships with other companies due the effects of PR and competition.
  • What might be viewed (by sales/marketing) as an expensive folly of being first to sell a mobile version of your type of product/service can raise awareness and sales of your non-mobile product/service.
  • Giving the app away can often lead to a strong following that can be used to research the requirements for a premium version that does become profitable.
  • Creating an app on a currently weak platform (let’s say Windows Phone at the moment) it’s possible to leverage a giant’s (let’s say Microsoft’s) marketing resources to implicitly raise the profile of your company.