Linux-based Motorola Cell Phones Frustrate Third-Party Developers

newsforge.gifIf you are looking out for opportunities to develop for mobile Linux then take a look at NewsForge’s article.

"Motorola executive Mark VandenBrink has said that the company is not interested creating native applications for the phones, due to concerns of cellular providers"

"The big question is, what does Motorola gain by obstructing willing developers from bringing software to their platform?"

There’s an interesting view on this at This is Mobility. However, I think there are two reasons…

  1. Carriers really do worry about third party software running on the phones that they end up having to support. This includes viruses as well as legitimate software. It would be interesting to see if existing programmable (Windows Mobile and Symbian) phones actually do result in more support problems related to erroneous software or whether this threat is being over-dramatised.
  2. Helping developers requires more than just providing a programmable OS platform. I covered this in a previous post. The infrastructure required to support developers might be seen as too expensive for one phone OEM (Motorola) to manage on their own.