New Free Debugger for Android NDK Apps

armds5.pngARM has announced a new community edition of its DS-5 Toolkit for Android NDK development. Although Android apps are developed using Java, it’s possible to use c/c++ called from Java. Examples where I have personally used the NDK have been…

  • To speed up image processing routines
  • To share code with other platforms
  • To use open source libraries
  • To take advantage of the larger (limited only by memory) heap size. Some things, such as full size images, can’t be fully opened in Java.

Up until now, debugging NDK apps has been tedious and has required writing messages to the debug output at suitable places in the code. DS-5 is a plug-in for Eclipse that provides a c/c++ graphical debugger, performance profiler and system analyzer.

The DS-5 CE is available free-of-charge for use by individuals and organizations with annual revenue of $100,000 or less, and up to 10 employees.