Kindle Fire, Usability and 7″

amazon.gifI find the Kindle Fire a fascinating device because it’s inexpensive, championed by a big player (Amazon) and forgoes being a Google Experience device. However, it’s sort of platform in itself in that developers have to consider its specific (limited) capabilities and different app distribution opportunities. Developers will only start to do this in large numbers if the Fire sells in large numbers.

Originally, I questioned whether users would get buyer’s remorse . However, looking at the reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4 out of 5, people seem to be getting the product they expected.

There’s an interesting article by Jakob Nielsen on his Kindle Fire Usability Findings. The more interesting observation for developers is that it’s said the Fire has a relatively poor UI experience due to it being a 7" tablet. These tablets need content (e.g. web sites) to be specially formatted for 7". As with the development of apps, this will only happen if there are enough users to make this financially viable for content publishers.