Tablets and the Enterprise

idc.gifIDC has a new press release on the latest World shipments of tablets. In summary, while there has been 264% growth year-on-year, shipments are slightly (5.8%) less than IDC expected. The relative shares of Apple (61.5%) and Android (32.4%) are similar to last year.

IDC also has a related press release on European Enterprise tablet adoption. Businesses currently represent less than 10% of the tablet market. However, 48% of businesses have already evaluated and are keen to introduce tablets. 30% of respondents would prefer a Windows OS-based tablet device.

I am personally seeing a trend for requirements for captive (sometimes called kiosk) solutions. That is, solutions that use tablets or smartphones to just run one app and hiding or disabling all other consumer apps on the device. This obviously needs strong tie-in with a hardware manufacturer as it’s not possible to do just in software.

In some ways, this is taking Amazon’s Kindle Fire idea one step further – limiting the built-in Android functionality even more than the Fire does and creating a vertical product. Some companies are going even further and creating custom hardware with extra peripherals. A good example is Casio with their VX-100 Android EPoS System.