Mobile Banking for the Masses and too Many Partners

cgap.gifIf you working in the area of mobile money, particularly in emerging markets, you should take a look at Beyond Payments: Next Generation Mobile Banking for the Masses, Strategic and operational lessons from pilots in emerging markets  (PDF) commissioned by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


The paper explores the potential of mobile technology in providing low-income consumers with access to a wide range of financial products that go beyond simple mobile payments. It discusses such areas as distribution strategies, mobile microfinance and microfinance banks.

The ‘Findings in a nutshell’ section is an interesting read for anyone in mobile. It says…

"The strategy alignment phase between partners can often be long and can signicantly delay launch timelines" and

"It is often difficult for partners to agree on a sustainable profit model"

Both these problems are similar to my previous observations on Success Factors: Number of Partners.