Mobile Payments in 2012

lexis.pngLexis have new research on consumer attitudes to mobile payment. Their free Wallet Wars report (PDF) provides a snapshot of what UK consumers would like to do on their phone, the barriers, who they might trust and discusses some technical factors. While it’s based on UK research, I expect many of the issues are as equally applicable for Europe and N America.


In related news, Chetan Sharma’s Mobile Industry Predictions Survey sees mobile commerce and mobile payments being the top potential breakthrough categories for 2012.


However, as Chetan points out, these were also the top categories for 2011. In the past, problems with payments, in particular NFC, have seen parties (phone manufacturers, operators, payment provides) mutually waiting on one another for some ecosystem or standards to evolve. This hasn’t happened. Initiatives such as Google Wallet and Apple EasyPay have been attempts to break into this market. However, I think there are still (software) opportunities for third parties to come in and offer more open cross-platform solutions.