Mobile Event Apps

quickmobile.gifAn area that is ripe for mobile innovation is event management. More and more events I attend now make use of mobile apps to engage and connect participants via an event guide.

If you want to learn more about event guide apps, take a look at QuickMobile’s free white paper The Rise of Mobile Event 2.0. Once you get past some of the marketing chatter (after all, QuickMobile are trying to sell their mobile event platform), the section on the seven benefits of next generation mobile event apps is useful reading. It explains how event apps can cause events to become year round conversations. Attendees can generate their own content and continuously interact and communicate. The mobile event application can become a source of revenue in itself. Meeting planners can modify content and view reports while away from their desk and at the actual event.

My thoughts are that next generation event apps might innovate to provide the relative location of (and possible navigation to) people, rooms or stands. They might also incorporate offers or coupons to entice people to particular stands/places. Event apps might also aid exhibitors and provide, for example, easier lead capture. 

By the way, if you are looking to create your own Android event app, you should take a look at possibly re-using iosched, the full source code for Googles’ own developer I/O event.