Clickatell WAP Push

When you have created your application, the next problem is usually how to get it onto your users’ phones. You can just put the application on a web server and enable the web server to serve the WAP and application types (.sis or .jar). However, this requires the user to enter a WAP URL into their WAP browser which is error prone and will put a large number of people off if they don’t have any incentive to download. A better solution is WAP Push…

WAP Push allows a URL to be sent to the phone as a service indication message. When the user views the message they can download the application. WAP Push service indications can’t be forwarded on by the user so this helps to limit piracy.

I tend to use Clickatell for most SMS based projects. They offer reliable, low cost SMS messaging without having to commit to large numbers of messages.

If you are installing .sis files you may come across the problem where the sis file can’t be subsequently uninstalled. The solution is to point the WAP Push URL to a WAP web page containing a link to download rather than directly to the .SIS file.

I have created a web based front end at for anyone to use. It uploads the application, creates a corresponding WAP WML file and sends a service indication to the given number. Clickatell offer 10 free credits when you sign up. After that, you can purchase additional credits at rates well below those charged by network operators.

Some links if you want to implement WAP push yourself…

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