funambol.gifThere are some very interesting things going on at Funambol. They provide open source, standards (OMA) based, software to allow push email, PIM synchronisation and device management.


What with all the recent patent commotion over RIM, Nokia’s clever encroachment on mobile email and some might say Microsoft Windows Mobile’s key strength of enterprise (read Outlook) compatibility, Funambol could be well placed to surprise a few people.

Looking at the Funambol web site I can see things are not quite there yet. It’s mainly APIs rather than applications or better still, plugins for existing messaging applications. Also, while there’s a J2ME and Windows Mobile API, a Symbian port is notably absent. However, with what’s there already and the availability of the source code, it could be only a step away from being a serious player in not only push email but also synchronisation and device management.