News Hound for Android Tablets

newshound.pngOne of the problems with having a blog is having enough to write about. When short for something to write about I tend to search for new recent news articles that either inspire me to write or can be used as a basis for something on which I can comment.

For years, I used the Delicious subscribe facility that gave me inspiration via the many uncovered articles on mobile. Delicious was great because it had the right type of more technical user while Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit seemed to have less useful more consumer oriented topics. When Delicious was sold by Yahoo, the new owners removed the subscribe facility and I moved to mainly using Twitter. The problem with Twitter has been too much noise and duplication. This has led me to write my own article discovery app.

News Hound is designed for Android 3.1 and later tablets but will run on Android 4.0 (ICS) Smartphones with at least 800 x 480. You enter the topics and it goes away and does lots of heuristic based stuff to get quality articles from social media sites. While I initially used it for uncovering content for blog articles I now also find it useful to isolate the very latest news articles when something newsworthy happens.

Bloggers and people posting regularly on social medial sites should find the app useful. I suspect it could also be used by companies or organisations to discover where they have been very recently mentioned or by anyone to learn the very latest on whatever their passion might be.


Once you have discovered articles you can view within the app or, for more control, in the tablet web browser. You can also share article links to Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, Email etc. News Hound is free and available on the Android Market.

Update: News Hound is no longer available on the Android Market as too few people used it to justify the time to keep it maintained/supported. Things also changed when Twitter forced people to login to do search via their API. It’s now an ‘internal’ tool  used daily to discover topics for this web site.