Mobile Marketing Flaws

mashable.pngThere’s a thought provoking post at Mashable on "5 Flaws in Your Mobile Marketing Strategy". It talks of the following flaws in current apps…
  • De-Emphasizing the Unique Nature of the Medium
  • Treating Connected Consumers as Stationary Targets
  • Ignoring the Power of Contextual Relevance
  • Employing Old World, Unidirectional Strategies
  • Not Offering Value in Exchange for Value

These are the flaws from a marketing viewpoint but what about the technical side? How can brands create apps that are more than, what might as well be, on a web site?

One way of looking at this is to explore what’s available, technically, and see how you might weave it into your app to make it more compelling. Phone capabilities include communication (phone calls, text messages, email), contacts, Bluetooth, location, sound, motion, WiFi, camera and alarms. Think how you might use these in your app screens to either trigger things or to provide additional input to, or output from, your app. Triggers also need not necessarily be in your app screens but instead might cause notifications that cause the user to use your app more often.