Check-in Services, Geo-Fencing and Push Notifications

retailtouchpoints.pngCheck-in services and apps aren’t something I am that interested in due to the fact I don’t use them and I don’t even know anyone who does. However, there’s an interesting article at retail touch points that has made me think again.

The article explains how check-in services have evolved to provide for smart (context sensitive) deals and how, in the future, they will evolve into better customer loyalty tools. The article also shows how check-in users are an appealing demographic…

More interesting for mobile developers is using push notifications rather than SMS for scenarios such as geo-fencing around physical stores and trigger based marketing. Push notifications allow for larger messages, more easily integrate into apps and don’t have a per message cost. While the article goes on to promote a proprietary push solution, there’s no reason why Google’s CD2M and Apple’s push notifications can’t be used in solutions.